Mirroring Migration, an independent festival about migration and refugees will take place between the 22nd and 27th of April 2013 in Maastricht on different locations.

The festival will frame migration in its complexity, with its challenges as well as its enriching aspects. It will critically explore the European and Dutch politics of migration, show the human realities of refugees and reflect on the role of Europe in fuelling migration dynamics.

On April 22, kayiki will organise a photo exhibition and discussion. While showing photographs of Fatih Pınar and Giorgos Moutafis on lives and travel of migrants through the Mediterranean, kayiki members Marieke Wissink and Orçun Ulusoy will elaborate on the asylum and migration policies in Turkey and Greece, as well as on the everyday experiences of refugees.

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In August 2008, academics, human rights activists and artists from Turkey, Greece, Austria and Germany had meetings on the Greek islands of Chios and in Dikili. The group named itself "Kayiki".